Friday, February 22, 2013

The kid in all of us

Bringing out the kid within you might be a great way to make your life better. This morning I saw my 18-month-old toddler fall on his head, regain balance, get up and go off in the same direction he was going. Lesson learned? Quiet a few. Here are some life lessons my toddler son and other adorable children have taught me :)

  • Get up when life brings you down. Children are not held back by anything for too long. If they want a toy (but mostly it's a random household item), they will overcome any hurdles on the way to get it. Waddling, stumbling, falling, they'll make their way there.

  • Even when my son couldn't crawl, he'd roll, scoot & pull his way to where he wanted to be. Children overcome so many challenges even when they are so limited in their abilities - why do we give that up as adults? 

  • You can explain something all you want to a kid but unless they hold it, explore it, touch it (at times even break it) they are not satisfied. They want to learn for themselves. I think this trait should be encouraged in adults too - don't just take someone's word for something, try it for yourself.

  • Even before they can communicate, babies show protest through crying, "I don't want to eat right now", "I don't want to be in my crib" etc. They protest so hard that it tests your patience, your parenting skills and your ability to stick to your guns. You win some, you lose some. As adults, let's use our words wisely to protest brutality in the world, to protest injustice, to protest hypocrisy - maybe we'll win some.

  • Children grow up so fast; not just physically but mentally as well. They learn something new everyday and the world seems full of possibilities to them. As adults, we should also try and discover something new everyday. 

  • Babies are honest; they don't lie, they don't pretend, they don't fool you (they can manipulate you, but that's a whole other blog post :) ) Let's learn to be honest to people around us. BUT your honesty should NOT hurt someone. If you think someone's nose is crooked, you are better off keeping that opinion to yourself. But if you think someone is beautiful go ahead and make their day. Life is much simpler if we just keep are stories straight and be upfront about things. 

  • It's Ok to cry. When you miss someone who has departed, or is far away, or because you think unfairness in life is rampant or just because you have a crappy day (then you should also read Cheerful ideas for a gloomy day)

And getting over it...
  • Notice how babies generally take very little time in getting over something (hardly over an hour)? You should do the same - allow yourself sometime to brood and then get on with your day!

Please share things you have learned from babies and children. I would love to hear your input. Now go on and be a baby! :)


  1. So true!These are traits Allah has incorporated into human nature to survive,explore and achieve and little kids remind us of all such capabilities and an attitude of not giving up so quickly on their targets.I am amazed to see another beutiful trait this younger generation has, Logic! Thy want to know logic behind everything and as parents we need to be very responsible.

  2. Hana, you are absolutely right! They ask us the dreaded "why?' and we must be prepared with the answers ;) They are smarter than we think.