Friday, March 15, 2013

Be in a good place.

A lot of us are in search of utopia. We keep wishing for things to be a certain way for our lives to be perfect. Perfection is boring, and may even be impossible at times. Let good be good enough and you will be much happier.

Pause for a second and count the things that are "pretty good" in your life. I think you will need more than just a second :).  I can tell you that when my husband walks through the door, or my son finishes his food, or I get a hairstyle right in one go, I'm in a good place ;) 

Here are some (more substantial) ways to be in a good place:

- Don't reminisce over the past too much. Nostalgia can be good sometimes but not when it holds you back from connecting with your present and your future.
- Connect with your community, build a bond and get involved. There are cool people everywhere, after all you are there too, aren't you?
- When you build a support system for yourself it becomes easier to not brood over the "good old days"; you will think more about the "good upcoming days."
- Feel good about yourself; dress better, eat better, live better! 
- Workout in a class and get motivated by your instructor. My spin instructor, Sherresa, says, "If it doesn't serve you, it has no place inside of you." So exhale and get the negative energy out :)  
- But before you exhale, breath some fresh air in. Step outside and do it.
- Love those that are around you and show gratitude for the value they add to your life.
- Is there someone you'd rather do without? Well, still be grateful that they taught you the difference between those who perk you up and those who drain you out.
- And always remember, no matter how bad it is, it could be a lot worse - so enjoy the present and quit the complaining.

Life is sweet and salty and sometimes bitter but after this post we have agreed to focus only on the sweet and salty, right? Try a combination of that in your next meal, something like chocolate ice cream with a pretzel cone, trail mix, chicken or fish with a pineapple and brown sugar glaze; let your imagination run wild...and come back and share the recipes :)

What makes your life "pretty good"?

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