Friday, March 29, 2013

Small Sacrifices, Big Benefits: Part 2/3

I hope you tried to incorporate some of the "sacrifices" I mentioned in last week's post and your body is thanking you for it :). This week I want to talk about another set of small sacrifices that will benefit your mind. 

For your mind:

- "Sacrifice" your television watching by 20%. Give that time to your mind to just rest- without meaningless chatter, background noises, or that flickering light from the TV. If you watch an hour of TV a day, cut it short by 12 minutes. Dedicate those 12 minutes to your mind instead to relax, rejuvenate and even rejoice! I think this might be a good anti-aging trick as well ;) Your eyes and ears will thank you too!

- Let laziness take the back seat (that's where it wants to be anyway!) "Sacrifice" your laziness to learn something new. As we have all heard, the mind is like a machine- it needs to be used as well as cared for to function properly, otherwise it will rust. So even though you should conscientiously take the time to let your mind rest, as mentioned above, doing so will make it perform better and stay in shape. 

Sharpen your mind by learning, discovering and solving things/issues that are a little beyond your comfort zone. If you start doing it now, you will recall this blog post when you are 93, (because your brain will be sharp enough to do so!) and you will thank me :) Jokes aside, mental stimulation is key in Alzheimer's and Dementia prevention.

- Exercise your way to a better mind. Yes, exercise. The link above actually ranks exercise as the number one of keeping your mind healthy. So "sacrifice" the desire to park right in front of the grocery store or the gym and instead park as far as possible. You can squeeze exercise into your day in many ways. 

Please share some "sacrifices" that bring big benefits to your life. I would love to hear them and incorporate them in my life :)

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