Friday, March 22, 2013

Small Sacrifices, Big Benefits: Part 1/3

Best things come is small packages and so do big benefits. If we make the tiniest change in our habits we will see their effects add up overtime. Here is a quick list of "sacrifices" for your overall well-being. This week we will focus on the body and next week I will talk about small sacrifices for the sake of your mind and your soul.

For your body:


Sacrifice drinking cold water for room temperature water. You will notice that you drink a lot more and we all know the advantages of drinking more water (need a refresher, click here.)Also, I have heard that the Chinese don't drink cold water, in fact, they drink hot water because they believe it is better for your body. So drink up, room temperature water that is :)

If you drink alcohol a few times a week, start by "sacrificing" one alcoholic drink for tea/coffee, cranberry or grapefruit juice. Milk anyone?:)


If you are a smoker, start by sacrificing that one cigarette in your day or week and when you feel ready build up the count from there. A dear friend of mine (ehem, no names will be mentioned) always says to me, "But I smoke only one cigarette a day,"  and my response to that is always the same, "that means you smoke seven a week and 365 cigarettes a year!" See what I mean about things adding up? Surely, you see the danger of smoking 365 cigarettes, don't you? 


Last night when I had baked some cookies for dessert I made one less than I usually do. Even though I always want four (yes, I'm a cookie addict, I know) but I don't ever make more than three and yesterday I made just two! Yay me! Maybe I should get a cookie for being so good ;) Kidding! Joke. The point is, just make the smallest of changes and you will see the difference. Eat two less pieces of french fries, one spoon less of ice cream, one bite less of pizza and one morsel less of rice. Maybe you can even sacrifice half of a decadent dessert for some fresh, seasonal fruit instead? Sweet fruit is really yummy and can be very satisfying. A sweet sacrifice indeed :)

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