Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wait, let me take a (mental) photo!

I have been doing a lot of that lately, just taking the moment in with my eyes and storing it in my mind and not on a memory card.

We are all glued to our phone which also happens to be our personal assistant, our computer and, of course, our camera. It is so easy and so tempting to take a picture of anything and everything and be gratified with the instant viewing and sharing. 

Nothing wrong with that, except:

1) It's easy to miss the moment as it is happening, reviewing it only in the photo we took or the movie we made, AFTER it has already happened. When my son took his first steps, I watched him closely (with both eyes) cheered him on (clapping with both hands), and was there to hold him (again, with both hands!) as he lost his balance. That memory will always be crystal clear in my head and I don't need to see any photo to remind me of that special moment. I'm glad I saw it in real time, with full presence of mind, as opposed to through a tiny screen on my phone/digital camera.

I did make a video and take pictures the same day, and the day after, for family and friends but I didn't want to miss the real deal when it happened for the first time. I enjoyed the experience without distraction or without sharing it with an electronic gadget.

2) When our life is flashing before our eyes, moments before dying, I doubt it will flash in the form of digital photos :) I think it will flash in the form of memories experienced through sight, sound, smell and perhaps even taste. I think it will be moments you spent holding a loved one, snuggling your baby, laughing with your friends and all the things you experienced when you were not looking through a phone or camera screen.

3) The billions of pictures that we take through our camera, how many do we actually bother printing, framing, or putting in an album?? Maybe five percent of them? Maybe less. So not only are you missing the moment, you are missing the moment for a photo that will live in a memory card for the rest of your life.

But don't get me wrong; take photos and make movies by all means but don't rush for that phone or camera at a key moment, instead enjoy that moment and capture some form of it moments later. So put down that phone and look around you; when you see something interesting just look at it for a while and don't rush to take a photo :)

Yeh, put that down for a second :)


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