Friday, May 3, 2013

Do it while you can...

Call your cousin, meet up with a friend and tell your family you love them while they (and you) are still around. Time is tricky simply because we don't have any control over it; we don't know how little or how much time we will get with someone - will it be the last time you will see them? Will you get to eat your favorite meal again? Will you get to hug your favorite person again? No one can tell you for sure so you best get to it right away.

I got a rude shock on Wednesday. An unexpected and unpleasant news which made me sad, guilty and regretful. In retrospect, I am thankful for it because sometimes one needs a harsh dose of reality for things to get into perspective. I reflected, asked for forgiveness and decided to do something to salvage the situation (whatever is left of it.) The details of the news are sad and I don't want to share them because the idea of this post is not to make you sad; the idea is to share my lesson with you so that you can skip the regret and utilize your time in a way that you can feel good about later. Try these:

- When someone makes time for you, you should return the favor. Everyone is busy, you are not the only one. The person obviously values you enough to spend time with you and it wouldn't kill you to do the same - even if you do it once.

- Show appreciation; whether its by smiling or saying thank you, by praising someone or by giving a small gift. 

- A call just to say hello, and not when you have an agenda, is probably one of the best gestures. I know a lot of people prefer email/facebook/twitter/text rather than the old fashioned phone call but the fact that you will set aside a time to make that call and speak to that person with your undivided attention makes the gesture so much more meaningful. It's ok if you get voicemail, you made the effort. If they call back, try and carve out time for a conversation. You won't regret it.

I am not suggesting you spend your life bonding with everyone that crosses your path; I'm recommending that you do it for people who are dear to you (and maybe even an old acquaintance who just happens to be a very nice and genuine person- people like them deserve your time.)

And, of course, make time for what you love. Not just the people but the things you love too. Remember, if you are happy you will radiate happiness so start with yourself. May I suggest eating your favorite food and really enjoying it :) Here are a few recipes of most commonly loved foods in the East and the West. Eat while you can...:)

Sindhi Biryani       

Fried chicken and biscuits

Pad Thai


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