Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Give Your Green Thumb a Go

Until a couple of weeks ago I had never planted anything- nothing. I love flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, legumes; pretty much anything that grows from the ground. This year I decided that instead of just smelling and consuming plants and vegetables I should try growing something too.

I have to say that it wasn't easy; mainly because I didn't know what I was doing! I got some very basic information from the store where I bought my plants from and decided to dig up some dirt and plop the plants in. I'm giving the most basic tips here. If you are looking for more professional results then please consult a professional :) Basically this is what you need to do:

- Get a pair of gloves, a trowel, and the herbs/plants flowers you want.
- Also get some potting soil. I got Miracle Grow Moisture Control.
- You will also need mulch. Apparently, herbs and annual plants (plants that usually have a one year life- they are cheaper but you would have to replant every year) need mulch around them.
- Then get digging!
- You don't need to have a backyard to do it, you can plant them in pots and put them in your terrace/balcony or even a windowsill.

I have some space to work with so in my front yard I put hydrangeas, some annuals and some knock out roses. In the backyard I've planted, mint, rosemary, dill, tomatoes, strawberry, cilantro and a pineapple (the pineapple is in a pot for now.)

So far the annuals have bloomed beautifully. The knock out roses are expected to bloom in two weeks. The herbs seem to be doing well too. BUT my hydrangeas and the dill plant are on the verge of dying...I'm not sure why. I think I might have over watered the hydrangeas...The dill plant's death is a mystery because it sat between the mint and rosemary plant and both of them seem to be thriving. Would any of you know what happened?

Anyway, the point is that I gave it shot. And you should try it too. Why, you ask? Here are some good reasons: 

- It's a satisfying feeling to grow and nurture something. Even though I have a toddler, it was still a different kind of satisfaction to nurture a plant.
- It brings you close to nature; you will marvel at nature's beauty and its bounties.
- It can turn into a healthy habit/hobby. Gardening is hard work so it's good for your body. You can do it just for fun or you can take it as far as you like- there's a lot to learn about plants and how to take care of them.
- You might just start cultivating enough produce to feed the family or to share with friends/neighbors.
- For those looking to tan, working in the yard is a good idea (but please do wear some sunscreen.) For those who are not, wear a hat and, of course, higher SPF sunscreen.
- There's really no down side to it. None that I can think of.

From the 20 plus plants I planted only two didn't do well and I think that's not so bad. I'll write another post updating you with my plants' developments :) If you are an expert gardner then please share some tips here.

Herbs in the backyard

What I hope my yard will look like one day:)


  1. Bright idea Aliza, grow the plants and herbs to beautify your home and at the same time feel satisfied by nurturing and watching those blooming.Fresh herbs from kitchen garden have mouth watering smell and add lot of taste in salads foods and beverages.Those herbs like cilantro,mint ,dill and parsley are good for home remedies.

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