Saturday, May 4, 2013

What went wrong with the Jodi Arias trial...

HLN is what went wrong with the Jodi Arias trial. The murder and the lies shocked the nation, including myself, however, I was more shocked my the  outrageous treatment of the case by HLN. They left no stone unturned in shaming Jodi Arias, but really shamed themselves in the process. A national TV channel needs to be more responsible in what they present to the public; they should stick to the facts and keep their sensationalized opinions to themselves.

Let me make a few things abundantly clear:
- I am not a Jodi Arias supporter.
- There is proof that she is a liar and a murderer and I agree with that.
- She deserves to be brought to justice for what she did to Travis Alexander.
- I hope I never get to know anyone like her.

What I do support is a fair trial; both in the eyes of the law and the public. I am not going to be the judge and jury of the case; both of them already exist and I will let them do their job fairly, without tainting their perspective. What good will it bring to anyone by defaming Arias further? One will only give her more of the attention that she does not deserve.

HLN really out did themselves this time. If the jury is anything like Nancy Grace then we just wasted time, resources and tax payers money. I'm sure if Grace could, she would have had Arias injected with the lethal dose as soon as she was arrested. Grace is so adamant about what she thinks is right that she turns a deaf ear to everything else. I like the concept of Grace's show but she can get so worked up that her anger often clouds her judgement.

For example, apparently Arias said "bullshit" during Juan Martinez's closing argument; do you blame her? She is on trial for her life. Let me also point out that no one really heard her. She said it under her breath and the camera captured it. Grace, decided to make a display of it on her show by saying that this is the kind of regard Arias has for the courtroom. But what about Grace's own action? In pointing out Arias irreverence Grace said the words "bullshit" on national television, loud and clear - when did this become ok? Where was Grace's reverence for the public? This was the second time I have heard "bullshit"on HLN (first time a guest said it in Jane Velez-Mitchell's show a few weeks ago.)

Now let me talk about Vinnie Politan on HLN "After Dark." It seems like Politan has made it his full-time job to prove Arias guilty. But that doesn't bother me - what bothers me is turning that show as a place of entertainment, of cracking jokes (when there is nothing funny about the case), and making it a safe place to sneer at Arias. I was horrified to see strawberry frappuccino's being served on HLN After Dark and people drinking and chatting away like it was cocktail hour! Those who have been following the case will know that Arias mentioned at some point that she bought a strawberry frappuccino from Starbucks (and, of course, now we know that HLN will find anything to make fun of and do it rather thoughtlessly.)

There was also a point where the hosts and their guest started to make a "house of cards" because Prosecutor Juan Martinez mentioned it in his closing argument. Even Judge Hatchett was part of this activity too - Come on, you are a judge, show some class!

The nastiness has been going on since the beginning of the trial. HLN even went on to discuss how Arias wore her hair in court one day, they made a parody of Arias doing certain antics (the details of that ridiculous venture escape me, thankfully), they even discussed Defense Attorney Nurmi's clothing at one point... How is any of that relevant to the case or to Arias being a murderer? It makes everyone look like bullies. Is this the message HLN wants to give the nation?

What's really sad about all this and forced me to write something about HLN's coverage is that hosts of these shows are educated, well qualified individuals who should understand that they have some responsibilities towards the public. Hate Arias all you want but don't turn it into a fiesta for the sake of ratings and derate your credibility.

This is a sad and horrifying situation. One person is already dead, brutally murdered, and the second is on a trial for her life. Yes, justice will be done if she is convicted but that still doesn't make it a win-win situation for anyone; Travis Alexander will never come back and Jodi Arias's family will mourn her loss (even if the rest of us hate her.)

Usually I end my blog posts with a recipe of a food connected to the mood of the post but nothing will make HLN's coverage tasteful.  


  1. Aliza you are right just keep writing for the cause. I am proud of you:)

  2. This world is itself a stage show.Most of us so called human being åre not playing our part diligently